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Saturday School




10:45am – 3:45pm (times change due to Salah time changes).


  • £10 (First child) per week
  • £7 (Per extra child) per week
  • Small £10 per term fee for books, stationary, sheets, etc.

Age Groups

  • Under 6 years: Ages 4,5 & 6 (depending on capability).
  • Over 6 years: Ages 6 (depending on capability) to 16 years.

About Classes

Under 6’s

  • Lessons in Arabic, Qur’aan, Islamic Studies. This will consist of them learning:
      1. Aspects of Belief in Allah and his messenger.
      2. Simple Hadith
      3. How to read and write the arabic language
      4. Basic phrases and conversation
      5. Surah’s from the end of the Qur’aan by heart
  • The lessons will follow the same basis as the normal school but at the pace for the younger children.
  • All 4 year old children, will have a trial day to ascertain whether they are able to manage. The parents will be notified at the end of the day if their child will continue or not.

Over 6’s

  • Arabic
  • Quraan
  • Islamic Studies

If you are interested or would like to enrol your child, please fill this online registration form.

Alternatively contact us if you have any further queries

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