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Cave of Hirah-Young Learners 4-5 Class

Young Learners 4-5 Class have been learning about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam and the Cave of Hirah in their Islamic studies and Arabic Lesson.

Learning how to count in Arabic (YL 5-6 Class)

For Arabic class the children have been introduced to the new topic ‘Learning about numbers’. They have been learning how to count in Arabic using pictures in conjunction with focusing on writing numbers into words. Have a look at their fantastic work, presented above.

Young Learners 5-6 have been learning about Zakat which is the third Pillar of Islaam.  They have also been introduced to the meaning of Fasting (Sawm) and have completed the workbook activities relating to these topics. Have a look at their beautiful work shown above.


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