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This week Young Learners 5-6 Class have been revisiting the topic ‘Learning about the Masjid’. The children have used Islamic themed crafts to create some pictures by cutting and painting using templates to make masjid silhouettes.


Hajj Pilgrimage- Young Learners 6-7 Class

This week Young Learners 6-7 Class took part in a Hajj pop-up activity which involved making a Hajj map to help the children understand the story and the meaning of Hajj. The children created a pop-up poster using key vocabulary associated with the Hajj Pilgrimage. Have a look at their fantastic work

Salafi School Revision Week-02/12/17

📢 Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu 📢 Announcement ‼️ 🗓Revision week is this Saturday 2nd December 2017 and Exam week is Saturday 9th December 2017. 📚Look out for revision points, which will be addressed to all upper year students by their teachers

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