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Counting in Arabic- Young Learners 5-6

This week Young Learners 5-6 class have been focusing on writing and pronouncing Arabic numbers. The activity involved counting objects as well as saying the number in English and Arabic as the children were asked to write. This followed on by the children creating some beautiful artwork to represent

Zakat-Young Learners 4-5 Class

Young Learners 4-5 Class have been learning about Zakat, the giving of alms to the poor and needy, which is the third Pillar of Islam. They have created posters which outlines key information that opens up a forum of discussion for the students.

📢 Important Announcement‼️ Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Saturday School Resumes this Saturday 4th November 2017 @ 10.45am until 3:45 pm Inn Shaa Allaah We look forward to welcoming back our students Inn Shaa Allah JazaakumAllaahu Khairan, Manchester Salafi

Learning about Allaah-Young Learners 4-5

This week Young Learners 4-5 have been revisiting the topic’ Learning about Allaah’.

In this task, the teacher has given words related to the topic and asked the children to form a poster.

Have a look at their vibrant posters presented above.

Young Learners 4-5 Class have been learning about Allaah during their Islamic Studies Class. The children engaged in a practical activity creating posters. They also took part in role play and discussion. These are some ways that help children learn about Islam in an engaging way! Have a look at their
They have also been learning about the family tree of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam during their Arabic lesson and have been taught to say the sentences clearly in Arabic as well as learning the meanings of the phrases. The children then completed a picture of the family tree in their books.

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