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Trip Opened to ALL kids who attend the masjid Schools and Clubs. Alhamdulillah we have completed the Salafi School 2016/17 and by the permission of Allah we have been able to organise a trip and will be taking all the children from the Saturday School to Jump Extreme in Bolton InshaaAllah. The
We have some excellent news for all the home schooling parents out there! By the grace and mercy if Allah our trials for the tuition centre were a great success and we learnt a lot. As a result we are able to offer a full time tuition centre commencing the week beginning Monday 28th September. We

Summer School 2017

Announcing the Summer School 2017! Two Weeks of Learning & Fun! With TRIPS Included! 📆 31st July - 10th Aug Days Week 1: Monday-Thursday Week 2: Monday-Thursday Timetable Price £50 per week £90 for full two weeks (if paid altogether) Register Now @ SalafiSchool.co/SummerSchool2017.
Asalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmahtullahi wa Barakahtu Saturday School will be resuming on Saturday 12th September The first day will be a chance for the students to get their exams back and go through it.  The school day will begin at the normal time of 10:30am but will end early at 2pm after which parents
Asalaamualaikum wa rahmatullah We hope you are well. Please take note of the dates for the end of term. Please note form the above: There are three more teaching weeks left The last two weeks will be in Ramadhaan Those last two weeks are vitally important as they are the revision and

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