Established Community Centre with a Saturday Madrasah & Qur'an School Teaching Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies for over 4 years. Our aim is to give children beneficial Islamic cultivation upon the method of the Qur’aan, Sunnah and understanding of the Salaf; free from radical extremism and neglect.

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Salafi School-Resumes 06/01/2018

📣Salafi School ‼️Announcement‼️ 🌨Due to recent adverse weather conditions Saturday School is now closed for the winter holidays. Health and safety of pupils and staff is of paramount importance hence the school closure last week. ✨ We will resume on Saturday 6th January

Hajj Pilgrimage- Young Learners 6-7 Class

This week Young Learners 6-7 Class took part in a Hajj pop-up activity which involved making a Hajj map to help the children understand the story and the meaning of Hajj. The children created a pop-up poster using key vocabulary associated with the Hajj Pilgrimage. Have a look at their fantastic work

This week Young Learners 5-6 Class have been revisiting the topic ‘Learning about the Masjid’. The children have used Islamic themed crafts to create some pictures by cutting and painting using templates to make masjid silhouettes.


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